Teething Bites


Daddy ran out to get me my own frozen bagels for teething. Yeah, he's whipped!

It seems like my son has been stood up on his first blind date. A tooth is definitely coming–I can feel it under his gums–but it’s playing hard to get.

My little man requires as many costume changes as Lady Gaga these days, soaking through shirt after shirt with drool. He’s been dressed and undressed for the main event since he was four-months-old. When is this flirty little tooth going to make its grand appearance?

My poor baby boy is in a constant biting frenzy, grabbing anything and everything–toys, fabrics, hair, cell phones (nothing is safe)–to relieve the pressure on his swollen gums. When he’s not chewing on something he’s gnawing on his fists. I consider it a personal challenge to take a hands-free photo of him.

He refuses his bottles, suffers through naps, and cries randomly. I stand at the ready, baby Tylenol in one hand and laundry detergent in the other, eagerly anticipating his first tooth. But it just keeps winking at him without committing. Blind dates can be a bitch. He’s almost eight-months-old!

Do you have any teething tips to help pass the time?


About MommyDish

I still blast my music a little too loud for a wife and mother of two living in a sleepy suburb of Boston (old habits from the 80s die hard). I am a Mommy of one–my infant son, Alex, and Stepmom of one–my teenage stepdaughter, Ashley (her biological mom passed away when she was a toddler). Raising a baby and a teenager simultaneously always generates good MommyDish. I work by day as a public relations/marketing/communications guru, and by night as an amateur gourmet (I am a vegetarian in a meat eater’s world, but cook everything for my family). My life is complicated, chaotic, and downright comical–and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
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